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For the wrong reasons

Hello there, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts. But I’m back for a bit, not permanently though because of my looming exams.
But I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been unknowingly stressing about this blog instead of enjoying it like I used to. And by used to I mean before I went self hosted, I’ve been worrying about trying to make back the money that’s been put into self hosting that I wasn’t even enjoying my blog anymore. But I realise now that I’ve been stressing and so I’m working to rectify that and go back to enjoying my blog without thinking about making money from it. Which isn’t the easiest thing to do when your blog is barely 7 months old anyway!
I have until November to decide whether I want to renew my self hosting and domain fees but until then I’m hoping to enjoy blogging instead of turning into the job I never wanted. As much as I enjoy blogging, I never really wanted to turn it into a full time job. I can’t see myself enjoying a stay at home blogger job and I’m not sure why I started to think I wanted that just because I went self hosted. Sure I wouldn’t mind getting some money but a full on salary was never the goal.
So maybe I will go back to being WordPress hosted or maybe I’ll stay self hosted, either way I will be continuing on with my little blog. And enjoying it.
Until next time (which will probably be around midway through June)

How I keep myself organised

Hello peeps, I hope you’re enjoying the heat wave fellow brits! Today I’d like to talk about how I keep myself organised. Which I imagine you managed to figure out from the title…

I’d say I have three main things that I stick to religiously, too many things and it gets a bit cluttered.

So the first is having an organiser/diary, these things are lifesavers especially for students. Whether I’ll need one when all my education is done, I don’t know. But until that point I will continue getting myself an organiser every year! The one I got last year was £8, bit pricey. And it fell apart before school even ended because it was spiral bound and they are useless. Just a tip for you guys who are starting sixthform this September, don’t get spiral bound anything, they just fall apart in your bag. The one I got for this year however, only £1 and it’s still in good shape. More importantly, it wasn’t spiral bound.

Anyway, onto why it’s important. From a student’s perspective, it’s really useful to have so I can scribble down homework, test dates and assignment due dates. When the teacher is reeling off all these dates, it’s helpful to have one place to put them all instead of writing it on a random sheet that you conveniently can’t find when you get home.

Aside from how I use it at school, I also use it at home. Mostly at the weekends. Obviously I won’t have homework to write in the weekend section, so I use it to plan out how I’m going to get things done. For example, for Saturday (the day I’m writing this) I’ve planned out when I’m waking up, that I need to work on my assignment, write a blog post, do some homework and write some flashcards. All of this is happening before 5pm, which is when I “clock out” as such.

These leads me on nicely to the second thing that I’ve started doing recently. Which is planning out the times I’ll be doing the things I need to do. If I didn’t I’d spend hours on one activity that I’ve probably lost focus with. So today, I planned that from 9am to 12pm I’d work on my assignment. I also gave myself a 30 minute leeway knowing I’d get distracted, so then at 12:30 I started writing this blog post. I gave myself an hour to do it and I’m currently 25 minutes in.

Once I’ve finished this, I’ve got from 1:35pm to 2pm to do a short piece of homework. Next I had originally planned to do flashcards for an hour but I’ve to cut that to half an hour because I’m going out today which I hadn’t expected. Then beyond that I just want to chill when I get home, if I feel like continuing with the flashcards I will but it’s not compulsory because I’ve scheduled time to do that on Sunday (so today). Doing this helps me to stay on track and actually get everything done without tiring myself out by focusing on one task too long.

The third thing that I do is have a physical paper calendar, I print mine off from this website. Not an ad, just what I’ve been using and loving for a while now. I have my calendar on my wardrobe because it’s easy to get to and I’ll see it everyday. I commonly have the current month up with the next month below it so I can see what’s happening in the near future.

I’ll usually sit down and write everything that I know is going to happen, like birthdays and school holidays, within the first few months of the year. Then I’ll add exam dates and things like that when I find out when they are. I can’t tell you how useful it is to have somewhere to scribble when my driving lesson is, doctor’s appointments or when I have a mini test. And to be able to see it all in one place so I can see how everything works out in relation to everything else. I know everyone is so tech savvy and they love digital calendars but they’ve never really worked for me. I hate getting all the notifications and trying to get it to look how I want it to. Plus I just forget to put things into it, paper calendars just work so nicely for me.

That concludes my post for this week, I hope it has helped some of you out there. Do you use any of these already? Where do you stand on the digital vs paper calendar debate? Let me know!!

Until next time 🙂

(For anyone wondering, I finished this post 10 minutes ahead of schedule)

Things I want do Spring/Summer 2018

With the weather starting to get better and better, I’ve been itching to change things up a bit! Spring is officially here, I’ve gone out in just a light jacket instead of a coat and not frozen to death so we’re good!!

After watching some of Kalyn Nicholson’s recent videos and reading her blog posts, I wanted to create my own little bucket list for these coming warmer months. You guys know how much I love my lists!

So here it is, straight outta my journal:

  • Ride my bike that’s been hiding in my garage for god knows how long
  • Do yoga more, without the pressure of having to do it all perfectly
  • Get my nose pierced
  • Get my second ear piercings (Possibly a third on one ear!)
  • Really go through and clear out things I don’t actually need
  • Take way more pictures with my camera
  • Read new books instead of rereading
  • Be more creative with my food
    • What I mean by this is to put more effort into my lunches instead of taking some crisps and a chocolate bar to school because it’s easier

Until next time!


Don’t speak ill of others, or yourself

In one of my posts early last month, this one, I talked about how I have grown to be more positive over the years. I briefly mentioned how not gossiping about other people can really have an impact so I thought this week I’d go into more depth about it.

While I still think it’s healthy to vent to a trusted person about someone who has hurt you, I don’t think it’s healthy to continuously do so for a long period of time to just anyone who will listen. I’m SO guilty of this, I went on and on about a friendship break up I had for a year after it had happened and it took me a while to realise how unnecessary I was being. Instead of letting that wound heal I just kept opening it up over and over again. A key thing here is that no one told me I was being unnecessary, while I may have been repetitive it was still an interesting thing for people to listen in on. Everyone likes a bit of drama. It’s not like anything I was saying was new, people had heard it all before, there is only so much to a story and there’s no need to tire out all the details. The people I had this “break up” with were seemingly fine and carrying on with their lives. I just needed to get over myself. So I did, because there’s nothing left to talk about.

In general, being bitter about someone else’s life choices will rarely ever make yours better. Nor does it make you a better person. So what if that girl in your maths class like to sleep with a different guy every week? So what if that guy likes to be really extra with his revision? What does it even matter to you? If you spend all your time watching other people’s lives, you’ll just be wasting your own.

But, you can’t just gossip by yourself now can you? Watch what kind of people you hang around with, they’re the ones that influence you to bitch about people. Not just friends mind you, family too, my mum often talks about people negatively and I regularly have to call her out on it. Not that she enjoys it.

Something else I’ve noticed, it’s all well and good not talking smack about other people. But nothing will ever be more damaging than talking like that about yourself. People harp on about not talking about other people, but having positive self talk is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. If you start building this habit, it’s far less likely that you’ll be kicking yourself when you’re already down. Or alternatively, it’ll mean that you’re far less likely to take what bitter people say about you to heart.

Challenge yourself, maybe just for a day, or perhaps even a week, don’t allow yourself to say negative things about someone else or yourself. You’ll be surprised by how often you’ll catch yourself, I definitely was and still am. Do I still think these things? Absolutely! But there’s no real need for me to be giving off that type of negative energy. It’s not an easy thing to do but you’d be proud of yourself for trying!

Please do tweet, comment or dm me what you think of all of this! Have you tried this? Or, even better, are you going to give it a go?

Until next time 🙂

My new bunny!

So if any of you follow me on instagram/twitter (which you totally should be, @wolfishdelight on both) you will have seen me telling you about my new rabbit! So naturally I thought I’d write a post about her!

So, I named her Spencer and yes it was after Spencer Hastings from PLL. I get most of my name inspiration from TV show characters. I was gonna call her either Spencer or Rosa, as in Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn nine nine. But Spencer seemed to fit her better because she is quite the smarty pants! Her breed is Dutch and she’s just gone 3 months old. I would insert pictures but I don’t have many good ones yet, keep an eye on my Instagram, I’m sure she’ll appear on there soon!

Update: I got a nice picture of her this morning so here ya go!

Lil Dutch black and white bunny

I’m keeping her in a pet enclosure, the kind that’s made up of metal panels and are hooked together to make a square/hexagon/octagon, you get the idea. I currently have it as a hexagon but I might try to make it bigger, if I can make the space in my room. I read enough about how store bought cages aren’t enough for rabbits and I was not about to keep her outside in a hutch either.

I got her after school on Friday 23rd March, and it only took her a few hours to start to get settled in. She was coming up to the panels of her enclosure and sticking her nose out to smell my hands! Then Saturday morning she woke me up nice and early at 6:30am by running around her enclosure (clearly she has enough room then!) and banging into the panels because she was hungry. I fed her and then I decided to give something new a go. I got a cushion and sat down in-front of the enclosure door and opened it up to see how she’d react.

She certainly wasn’t shy! She jumped right out and has been exploring my room. We’ve gotten some bonding in and she’s been peeing and pooping everywhere but I’m sure we’ll figure out! I’ve even managed to get her to let me stroke her which is pretty great considering I’ve only had her for a few days.

I think that’s mostly all I’ve got on Spencer for now, I’ll definitely be writing more posts about her/rabbit care in the future!

Until next time 🙂

Keeping your vagina healthy

For the most part, your vagina takes care of itself. Pretty convenient huh? But there are still ways that you can help out, quite important things too! Here are my current top tips to take care of your vagina:


I personally have never had a UTI but the things I have heard about it are unpleasant to say the least. This is after all kinds of sex. Oral, penetration, digital (fingering etc.) Peeing after sex means that any bacteria that may have gotten into your urethra get flushed out before any damage is done. I.e the painful burning peeing experience you’ll have.

Don’t wear pants to bed

It is a bit weird to start off with, and even a few weeks on but it’s good for your vagina! By not wearing pants to bed you’re allowing a few hours of proper breathing time for your vagina. Warm, moist places are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria so by allowing your vagina to breathe freely, you’re reducing the likelihood of an infection occurring.

Skip the soap

Like I said at the start, your vagina does a pretty good job of taking care of itself. That includes cleaning! Your vagina is very capable of cleaning itself and you putting soaps and extra water down there isn’t helping anyone. In fact it’s doing the opposite, messing with the pH of your vagina can lead to infections. So lets just let it do its thing.

That’s all I’ve got for now, until next time 🙂


Being 17

Being 16 is cool and all but for me 17 years old and above was where it was at, maybe it was because all the protagonists in the books I read happened to be 17. So I’ve been 17 for a while now but I realised something while at my friend’s 18th birthday party. She had some family round and I’ve known her forever so of course I was there with my family too.

And when I got home I realised something, when I was younger and I had grown past the age of just wanting to run around with all the other little kids at parties, I always looked up at the older teenagers and how they looked good with their makeup all done, in their nice outfits, how the adults would treat them less like kids. I aspired to be like that and I just couldn’t wait until I looked like my own version of that, to look and feel like an adult. Well, closer to it than how you feel in your preteen years anyway.

Coming home from my friend’s party, I realised I had reached that point in life! I came home and looked in the mirror at myself with my straightened hair, nice makeup and swishy outfit and there she was. As much as being 17 is stressful, with exams, planning out my future endeavours in education and all of that; I have grown up quite a bit and it is being recognised my actual adults. It’s a wild concept to say the least and I think 11 year old me would be proud of my eye shadow skills.

I don’t know if I’ve articulated how I’m feeling all that accurately, but this is as good as it’s gonna get! Have any of you guys felt like this?

Until next time! 🙂


Growing to be more positive

If any of you had met me a few years ago, you would’ve labelled me a cynic. Which, believe it or not, was what I was going for. I wanted to be cynical, sarcastic, intimidating and seemingly unfeeling. All the things you would associate with the broody male love interest in a YA book.

I’m not entirely sure why I wanted to be like that, maybe it’s because I didn’t want to be anything like the more bubbly girls so I decided throwing myself onto the opposite end of the spectrum was the best idea. In my mind, being positive and kind meant you would easily get walked all over. Which of course, isn’t true.

So I spent up until I was about 15/16 trying to fit into this broody, angsty image of myself I had in my mind. I didn’t do very well. Then depression hit and I was not having a fun time, as you can imagine. Year 12 wasn’t any better because I was severely struggling to keep my head above the water. Then results day rolled around, I had unsurprisingly failed AS chemistry and it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me.

I feel like once I found out I failed chem, my mental health has only gotten better and I’m so much more positive than I have ever been in my life. Sure staying an extra year in sixth form isn’t ideal but it isn’t the worst that could’ve happened. I could’ve continued to struggle majorly with chemistry for another year, get bad grades, not get into the unis I wanted and end up in a much worse state of mind. Plus, having another year to think about my future and all has made me realise that psychology is not for me; I have no idea what drug I was on when I decided that was going to be a thing.

Being positive isn’t easy, but it’s worth the extra effort.

  • Try not to gossip (read: bitch) about people and see how your life changes.
  • Try to see the good in a situation, eg I failed chem but that means I don’t have to struggle through those lessons feeling useless anymore!
  • Stop comparing you, your situation etc to other people. Your story isn’t their story, get it together and better your own life instead of longing after someone else’s.
  • If you don’t need involve yourself in the drama then don’t, you’d be surprised how often you don’t need to

A favourite quote of mine is “Be better not bitter” because it’s simple and straight to the point. Being bitter isn’t going to get you anywhere, you’ll just be in the same place while everyone else who you’re so bitter about moves past you and onto a more successful life.

Growth is key in life. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how smart you think you are, you will always have some growing and learning to do.

Until next time 🙂

Untitled// A catch up chat of sorts

I haven’t decided what I’ll be calling this post yet, only because I have no idea what I’ll be writing! I was watching a YouTube video by the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher about how she’s restarting blogging and it made me want to write a blog post too!

Most of my posts have a reason, an idea or opinion that I want to share. Not this one though. Think of this as a diary entry maybe? Just me spilling out my thoughts. I’ve been thinking about my blog lately, how it is now compared to how it was before I restarted it and went self hosted. Then I compared how it is now to how it was when I started it back in November. Things have changed, and I’d say it has been for the better.

Black and white picture of a pot of pencils and a camera on top of a stack of magazines

When I started my old blog, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had a cool blog name and decided to go with it, this was my 8th blog I think? I’ve been blogging since I was 12, only managed to crack it after about 9 tries! Back to my point, when I started that blog I knew what kinds of posts I liked, you know Primark hauls, makeup reviews and all that stuff. So those were the ones I tried to recreate, except I didn’t go shopping very often and it’s rare that I love a makeup product enough to want to write a whole post dedicated to it. I was going through my old blog the other day and I honestly couldn’t even tell you a single post I was truly proud of.

Then with this blog, it started in the same way. I was under pressure because I was now paying to be self hosted and I was desperate for it all to work, so I was writing posts I thought people wanted to see because those types were popular. But, I wasn’t fully enjoying the posts I was writing so it wasn’t doing too great.

My heart wasn’t in it and my posts weren’t flourishing.

So I decided to say fuck it and write the posts I’d enjoy writing. Advice posts, personal posts, sex positive posts, writing about my opinions and letting it turn into a rant posts! And now, rambly this-is-what’s-on-my-mind-posts. I might do these once or twice a month, whenever the mood strikes me! Not as a main Sunday post, just a bonus one. It’s quite satisfying to click publish and for it to be seen straight away instead of scheduling it weeks in advance.

I really cannot think of a name for this post, but when I think of a better one I’ll come back and change it!

Until next time 🙂

Me vs clothes sizes

*There is a lot of mention of body sizes, clothes sizes etc please don’t read this if you’re not comfortable with that*

So I have been a size 10 in clothes for a while, maybe since I was 14/15? I’m currently 17, and I now fit more into size 12s and 14s. When I first started buying size 12 clothes in shops I wasn’t too bothered because it wasn’t very often that I needed them, and after all it was only one size bigger than usual. Then I started shopping for clothes online, and I was already a bit sceptical of the sizing so I measured myself and used the size guide charts because size 10 on one site is a size 8 or 12 on another.

I quickly found that according to a few sites, I was a size 14. This was for a skirt btw. So I was like well ok then and I bought the skirt, it’s now my favourite skirt and I wear it very frequently! I was in primark last week and I got some mom mum jeans, in a size 12, I wasn’t completely sure whether it would fit but I thought I’d be fine.

It was not fine.

I probably need to get a size 14 or possibly 16. Which are bordering on my mum’s sizes for clothes which freaks me out a bit. They truly will be mum jeans 😮

The struggle for us women, is that our hips and boobs throw things slightly out of wack som- yeah no, all the time. I do love my body and if we’re talking about body shapes then I have an hour glass figure, which in theory is lovely but when it comes to shopping then it’s a bit of a struggle. Slouchy t shirts ftw! May I just add that even though I’m going up in sizes, my weight is the same and if anything some parts of me have slimmed down.

I did freak out a little bit when I realised how my clothes sizes had changed and I’ve always been content as a size 10 because I thought that was average, at least that was what I was lead to believe. However a quick google search shows that the average dress size in the UK is currently 16, so why am I freaking out? I am still average, and I’m the happiest I have ever been with my body so really these numbers shouldn’t mean anything. Just a way for me to find the clothes that fit my body, not an identifying factor.

To add to my confusion further, apparently some magazines class anyone above size 12 as “plus size”, I mean they’re kidding right? I don’t really mind being called plus size but I’m not actually plus sized, I’m average sized as are many of my friends so if we’re considered plus sized then what are we saying about the women who actually classify as plus sized? It’s so unfair to throw an average sized woman onto the cover a magazine and applaud yourself for your poor excuse of plus sized representation.

Honestly, anyone else beginning to think magazines only exist to lower our self esteem sheesh….

Now, I really don’t know where I was going with this post and it turned into a bit of a rant but there we go! What are your thoughts on clothing companies and their wildly different sizes and magazines with their unrealistic expectations?

Until next time! 🙂