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Post exams!


It feels good to blogging once again without exams looming over my tired head! I had my last exam today and it went decently I think but I’ll find out just how decently on results day. Anyhow, with blogging, I’m not sure if I’ll go back to having a schedule? I’ll just post as and when I feel like it (More regularly of course) until school starts and then I’ll start up a schedule so that I can keep track of everything.

I have many ideas buzzing around that I’ll try to get into soon! Some of which will be about my holiday this summer, possibly about my first tattoo when I get it, the new lifestyle I’m trying to lead and much more!! I can’t wait to get stuck into my blog again, I changed the theme of it a while back and I think I quite like it. It’s much cleaner I feel, do you agree?

Spencer is also doing great by the way, I know I haven’t really mentioned her since I got her! We’re getting closer and she’s now jumping up at me for pets!

Honestly I think that’s all I’ve got to say for now!

Until next time šŸ™‚

For the wrong reasons

Hello there, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been around these parts. But I’m back for a bit, not permanently though because of my looming exams.
But I’ve been thinking about how I’ve been unknowingly stressing about this blog instead of enjoying it like I used to. And by used to I mean before I went self hosted, I’ve been worrying about trying to make back the money that’s been put into self hosting that I wasn’t even enjoying my blog anymore. But I realise now that I’ve been stressing and so I’m working to rectify that and go back to enjoying my blog without thinking about making money from it. Which isn’t the easiest thing to do when your blog is barely 7 months old anyway!
I have until November to decide whether I want to renew my self hosting and domain fees but until then I’m hoping to enjoy blogging instead of turning into the job I never wanted. As much as I enjoy blogging, I never really wanted to turn it into a full time job. I can’t see myself enjoying a stay at home blogger job and I’m not sure why I started to think I wanted that just because I went self hosted. Sure I wouldn’t mind gettingĀ someĀ money but a full on salary was never the goal.
So maybe I will go back to being WordPress hosted or maybe I’ll stay self hosted, either way I will beĀ continuing on with my little blog. And enjoying it.
Until next time (which will probably be around midway through June)

Untitled// A catch up chat of sorts

I haven’t decided what I’ll be calling this post yet, only because I have no idea what I’ll be writing! I was watching a YouTube video by the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher about how she’s restarting blogging and it made me want to write a blog post too!

Most of my posts have a reason, an idea or opinion that I want to share. Not this one though. Think of this as a diary entry maybe? Just me spilling out my thoughts. I’ve been thinking about my blog lately, how it is now compared to how it was before I restarted it and went self hosted. Then I compared how it is now to how it was when I started it back in November. Things have changed, and I’d say it has been for the better.

Black and white picture of a pot of pencils and a camera on top of a stack of magazines

When I started my old blog, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had a cool blog name and decided to go with it, this was my 8th blog I think? I’ve been blogging since I was 12, only managed to crack it after about 9 tries! Back to my point, when I started that blog I knew what kinds of posts I liked, you know Primark hauls, makeup reviews and all that stuff. So those were the ones I tried to recreate, except I didn’t go shopping very often and it’s rare that I love a makeup product enough to want to write a whole post dedicated to it. I was going through my old blog the other day and I honestly couldn’t even tell you a single post I was truly proud of.

Then with this blog, it started in the same way. I was under pressure because I was now paying to be self hosted and I was desperate for it all to work, so I was writing posts I thought people wanted to see because those types were popular. But, I wasn’t fully enjoying the posts I was writing so it wasn’t doing too great.

My heart wasn’t in it and my posts weren’t flourishing.

So I decided to say fuck it and write the posts I’d enjoy writing. Advice posts, personal posts, sex positive posts, writing about my opinions and letting it turn into a rant posts! And now, rambly this-is-what’s-on-my-mind-posts. I might do these once or twice a month, whenever the mood strikes me! Not as a main Sunday post, just a bonus one. It’s quite satisfying to click publish and for it to be seen straight away instead of scheduling it weeks in advance.

I really cannot think of a name for this post, but when I think of a better one I’ll come back and change it!

Until next time šŸ™‚