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Staying productive during holidays

It feels like it has been a MILLENNIA since I last posted, this new once-a-week schedule needs some serious getting used to!

Anyway, onto today’s post!

My half term started today, which for you non UK folk is just a week off school around half way through term! While a week off was sorely needed because sixth form drains the life out of me and I just day dream about sleeping while my hand cramps from all the hurried note taking, I feel like I also needed this week off to get my productivity back on track!

For all my fellow students out there who want to relax but also not feel like you’re wasting valuable time, here are my three main tips!

To do lists!!

The first thing I do at the beginning of every holiday and weekend, is make a master to do list. I just write down everything I need to get done in that time frame, from here you can pick out a couple of things to work on every day of your holiday and before you know it you’ve done it all! I try to stick to a max of three things everyday so I don’t feel swamped with work to do! Anything more I choose to do is just a bonus!

Examples of things I’ve got on my list:

  • Recap physics
  • Make more psychology flashcards 
  • Work on Diploma assignment
  • Write up more posts to have scheduled (5 more before next holiday)
  • Keep room clean – Vacuuming, change bed sheets etc

Resisting the temptations of a day off

Another tip I’d like to give that might annoy some people, but hey whatever, don’t give yourself a whole day off at the start of the holiday. It’s just gonna turn into “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow” everyday, and  then you’re screwed. I gave myself a partial break on Saturday by rolling out of bed at quarter to 12, then I got on with writing the master list and worked through it. This blog post was one of the things on that list!

Don’t procrastinate

Tip number 3! Try to get stuff done in the mornings/afternoons, essentially get it done asap and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want! You’re more likely to have a bit more energy seeing as you probably woke up later, plus this way it doesn’t matter if you woke up late because you’ll still be getting everything done before you start doing more relaxation stuff.  Instead of binge watching that show on Netflix stressing about that assignment you need to do, just do the assignment and Netflix less stressfully later that evening! You’ll feel way better about yourself this way, and you’ll actually get things done!

So there we have it, the three main tips I follow to keep myself productive but still chilled during holidays! Do you think these tips were helpful? Or do you have some more tips that you think I should’ve added? Let me know!

Until next time 🙂


Self hosting | My experience

This is gonna be a long one guys, get some snacks!

As some of you may be aware, I went self hosted and created this blog back in November. I was asked if I could talk about how it all went down for me, so here we go! (Just to say, this is all just from my experience with the sites I used and as a wordpress blogger. It might vary from other bloggers!)

I toyed around with the idea of self hosting for a few months, I already had a blog but I wasn’t satisfied with it so I thought I’d start fresh but with my new blog being self hosted. I researched A LOT. For an unemployed 17 year old, self hosting seemed like a huge huge investment. But I enjoyed blogging so much and I wanted to make it a bit more professional, maybe hope to start making money from it in a few years. On an off chance I told my parents about self hosting on the way home from London one weekend and they were all like “Why didn’t you tell us sooner??” They offered to help me out with the financial side and it seemed silly of me to turn it down.


I spent the next few days immersed in hosting websites, making lists of who asked for how much, how much it would roughly be per month, how much it would cost for the second year (because a lot of sites offer a discount for the first year),  how much the domain would cost etc.

Because you have to also buy a domain as well as self hosting.

The general trend I found with most websites was that you paid for a whole year up front, there was none of that pay per month business, for the most part, which was why I was low key stressed out in the first place because most sites ask for £100+ by the time you’ve added things like security and a backup in case everything goes wrong. Ya girl doesn’t have that kinda cash lying around!

I ended up using godaddy for both my domain and self hosting and for the first year it totalled to £77.98 for the first year, and I believe the domain was free for this year. For the second year, however, it’ll move up to about £85 as I’d also be paying for the domain for this time. Which in all honesty is actually a pretty decent price, the other websites I looked into asked for £100+/year and I wasn’t willing to spend that much. Although websites are always having offers so you may be able to snap it up for a bit less for your first year!

The process:

So once you’ve chosen what kind of package you want and have chosen your new domain name, you pay of course, and then (if you’re a wordpress user) you’ll be given the option to download Most self host sites offer one click installation so that it’s all clean and simple! and are two different things, is where you’ve been hosted by wordpress and your work wasn’t really your own.  It could’ve been deleted by wordpress and you can’t really do much against that, for example. However with, this where you’re self-hosted. So, for example, you own your content and only you have the power to delete it. I hope that makes sense.

Now I had already started my blog as a blog while I finished doing blogtober on my old one. So I transferred what I had from this new blog to this one, to do that you go to the admin page of your blog ( and you should find a button somewhere that allows you to export your content (as an XML file), followers, comments etc. So that you can then import it into the new one. Now for me this was just one blog post and nothing else, seeing as I was starting fresh, but it’s nice to know you don’t lose everything. However, your theme will not transfer over to this blog. So the first thing you should probably do once you’ve imported your old content is to start playing around with the themes to figure out what you’d like.

After that, start seeing what kinda plugins you’d like to install! Which is something I don’t think you do with a blog. I would definitely recommend getting Jetpack as it shows you your stats the same way it did on, very useful! Don’t think too much about plugins, but do just rifle through and see what would benefit your blogging experience!

I appreciate this was a really long post, thank you if you’ve managed to get this far! I hope I’ve helped some people out and if you still have questions drop me a comment or a dm over on Twitter and I’ll try my best to answer it!

Until next time 🙂


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Winter and my productivity

If you know me, you know I’ve always said that I loved Winter and Autumn. While that’s still true, I have a bone to pick with Winter. The cold I can deal with, the wind and rain, even the snow that makes life difficult, I can deal with all of that. But getting dark at 4pm? Really?

I was always adamant that I loved every part of these two cold seasons, but not anymore. The dark means that my parents are even more hesitant that usual to let me out. So ok, I’m stuck at home, now what? Nothing, because it takes a tremendous amount of effort to get any form of work done seeing as the lack of light outside makes me want to get into bed and stay there until it’s Spring…

Which isn’t useful when you have a blog to run and sixth form to get through… Plus, seeing as it’s basically pitch black by 5pm when 8pm rolls around I’m so ready to go to bed but I then realise I can’t after I look at the time and then at all the things I need to get done. 

Winter can be beautiful, incredibly so. As can the dark, “without the darkness, we’d never see the stars” etc. However, by living in a city I rarely see the stars anyway so there goes that.

In general, the dark doesn’t have a great affect on my mood and mindset. If I sit in the dark for too long, I just start feeling down and incredibly unmotivated for life. Sometimes I don’t get why it’s happening to me until I turn the light on and then it’s like ah right…

So the Summer wins on this one, and only this one,  brighter evenings are nice and I’d quite like them back now thanks.

Do you guys feel like this, or am I just being overly dramatic?

Until next time 🙂

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A Sixth former’s guide to relaxation

I can appreciate that it’s really difficult to set aside some time for yourself, when you have deadlines and work being thrown at you left, right and centre. However, I also know how very important it is to relax and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life. It can be difficult to set aside a whole day so this guide is going to be for an evening, just a few hours of relaxation that you can squeeze in as per your schedule!

And so, I’m writing this post to help some of you busy people out. Very heavily influenced by how I allow myself to relax, naturally. So as it’s currently November, this guide is going to be more so for the colder nights when you just want to be cosy.

First: Get clean

Now the primary role of a bath/shower is of course to make you clean, but if done correctly they can also be very relaxing. I’m sure everyone and their mothers have heard about relaxing baths, bath bombs and how magical Lush is. But, how many have heard of relaxing showers? I mean I’m sure it’s not that rare but baths are usually more commonly associated with relaxation.

Anyway! For me getting clean is the first step, and as we no longer have a bath I kinda have to make do with my shower. Use products that make you feel good and smell really good, anything that makes you happy when you use it. Life is far too short to be using a shampoo you hate the smell of. And take your time, you may have to rush all your steps on any other day because you have all that work piling up, but for this instance just slow yourself down.

Second: Pyjamas  

You know, the spelling of pyjamas always confused me a bit, I’ll stick to calling them pjs.

Now I’m not saying you have to have those picture perfect matching pjs that you see in films, just anything that you can be cosy in. Something oversized is always fun, for example my “pjs” consist of four oversized men’s tshirts from primark that I’ve paired with their own specific set of leggings or loose pj bottoms. (The tshirts are £2-£3 and very very soft! 10/10 would recommend)

Third: Occupy yourself

Or don’t. Up to you!

I can’t just sit and do nothing for ages or I’ll start thinking about all the extra work I could be doing, which isn’t useful when I’m trying to relax. So I’d say do something that you enjoy that you don’t often get to. As I love to read and I don’t really get the chance usually, I will usually sit in bed and read a book. Pretty self-explanatory really! I also don’t get to watch many films, so that’s also something I like to do. Which requires less work than reading so I tend to lean towards watching a film when I’m feeling lazy.

And that’s all there is! My simple guide to allowing yourself to relax, there are only three steps but that’s because I think you’d rather not be having to do a million things when really all you want to do is relax!

Until next time 🙂


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Goals for my new blog

Blog goals 2017

I’ve started a new blog, now what? Now my dear readers, we start planning our goals. Things that will keep me motivated and wanting to keep blogging and pushing myself to do better.

I have finally started self hosting my blog, which has been a goal of mine but also a stepping stone to lead onto some of my other goals. When I first wrote out this post, I hadn’t started self hosting yet! Anyway, I’ve split into short term and long term goals.

Long terms goals:

One major long term goal of mine is to build a solid community of regular readers that I can interact with and that will enjoy my posts.

And of course the second is to be able to earn a decent amount of money from my blog, I don’t think a full time wage kinda thing is a realistic thing to aim for at this stage and at my age, but I’m not going to fully take it off the table. I’m slowly moving away from the idea that I’m blogging as a hobby, I want to make this into something.

Short term:

So, first up, I’d like to reach about 100 views this month, I’m not sure if I’m pushing it a little there seeing as I’ve only just started this blog but hey go big or go home, right?

Make my blog look more aesthetically pleasing (GCSE Product design  terminology whoop whoop!) A major issue with my last blog was that I couldn’t make it look the way I wanted it to and I’m aware that just starting fresh won’t change that, however it seemed like a better idea to start over than to struggle with over a year’s worth of not so great looking posts.

So what am I going to do to reach these goals? Because just stating your goals to the world won’t get you very far, once you’ve established them make sure you’ve planned out ways to help yourself reach those goals. So for me, to reach my short term goal of achieving 100 views, I’m going to try to stick to posting at least twice a week and for those (minimum) two posts to be of good quality. Alongside that, I’m going to try (emphasising, try) and use Pinterest better to bring more traffic to my blog while also using my other social media, of course, like Twitter and Instagram.

And for the better looking blog, I’m trying my best to take my own pictures but I may utilise the free stock photos that are available until I can my hands on a decent camera. My phone camera isn’t quite doing it as you may have noticed in my last post :/

Those are my current goals, I may revisit this later on and see what I have achieved.

Until next time 🙂


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