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Getting my tattoo pt 1| Preparation

I thought I’d do a step by step break down of my tattoo process! This turned out to be way longer than I expected so I’m going to be breaking it down into multiple blog posts, this one is going to be about everything in the lead up to my tattoo consultation.

So I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was about 16, it was just an idea at first and I didn’t really do anything in preparation for it. Then last year I made a Pinterest board to amass types of tattoos I liked the look of, just to get some kind of idea of what I wanted. The closer it got to my birthday, the more I cracked down and was more specific with the kind of tattoos I saved. Once my birthday hit I started properly researching everything and anything to do with getting a tattoo, it’s just how I work.

I saw everywhere (read: youtube) that I needed to look into tattoo artists and actually look at their work, to gauge whether their style of work is what I wanted. So I found a bunch of tattoo artists near me and started searching for portfolios on their websites, for the most part, artists would have their own ig page so I often looked through there and followed the ones I liked and if they didn’t have any kind of portfolio then they were struck off my list.

I eventually circled back to a tattoo shop sorta close to my house and found an artist there that had some really nice work. After watching many videos about how to properly email a tattoo artist, in true Kirithika fashion, I wrote out and sent the artist an email. She got back to me pretty soon after and we arranged a date and time for a consultation. So I have my tattoo consultation on Wednesday 8th August!

I emailed her way back in June though. I did things so far in advance because for one, I didn’t know how busy she’d be and I wanted to get my tattoo done during the summer holidays and two, I was just really excited tbh…

Seeing as I’m pretty sure of what I wanted, I suppose I could’ve had a walk in tattoo but I just didn’t like the idea of that seeing as it’s my first tattoo. Plus it just feels a bit rude to me, to just turn up. Also there’s no guarantee that you’d even be able to get it then.

Plus, knowing me I’d have a bunch of questions and a consultation is better place to ask all the questions rather than when she’s setting up the damn machine…

So that’s where I’m at currently! I’ll have another post up after my consultation, just to explain how it all went. I think it’ll probably be shorter than this one!

Until next time 🙂

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