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Getting my tattoo pt 2| The consultation

Hello everyone! Bit later than I expected to have this post up but here it is.

So as I said in my last post, I had my consultation on the 8th August.

After she was done with the tattoo she was working on, she came and sat with me. She asked me to remind her of what kind of tattoo it was that I wanted and whether I had any reference pictures. So we sat and discussed my tattoo and she told me how much it would be, £105. Which I was kinda shocked by, I mean I knew it would be expensive but wowee. She must’ve noticed in my expression because she explained to me why it’s that expensive.

Essentially it’s because I wanted a band to go around my arm along with the lotus on the front, the band it the complicated bit. Applying the stencil would take ages to get right which would then take it from a minimum price tattoo to an hourly rate tattoo. The hourly rate for this shop is £70.

So she offered me an alternative, I could just get the lotus done on it’s own (which would be a minimum price tattoo) and then come back to get the band done once I’ve saved up more money. Which I agreed to, because boy am I not ready to part with £105.

In the end she estimated my lotus tattoo should cost about £35-£45. Which I feel is feasible.

Now, one thing I didn’t account for or hear about during my months of research is a booking fee. It differs from shop to shop I imagine but for this one it was £20 and non refundable (and also deducted from the total fee of the tattoo.) It’s just to make sure that if you end up cancelling the appointment, the artist hasn’t completely wasted their time and energy planning out a tattoo for you.

I, of course, didn’t bring the money I had set aside towards paying for a tattoo which was exactly £20. So I had to drop it off after my driving lesson that day because I wanted to get it all sorted asap because I knew if I didn’t then I’d end up procrastinating.

Right so that’s it for this blog post, I can’t wait to get back to you with MY ACTUAL TATTOO POST!!

Until next time 🙂

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