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How I keep myself organised

Hello peeps, I hope you’re enjoying the heat wave fellow brits! Today I’d like to talk about how I keep myself organised. Which I imagine you managed to figure out from the title…

I’d say I have three main things that I stick to religiously, too many things and it gets a bit cluttered.

So the first is having an organiser/diary, these things are lifesavers especially for students. Whether I’ll need one when all my education is done, I don’t know. But until that point I will continue getting myself an organiser every year! The one I got last year was £8, bit pricey. And it fell apart before school even ended because it was spiral bound and they are useless. Just a tip for you guys who are starting sixthform this September, don’t get spiral bound anything, they just fall apart in your bag. The one I got for this year however, only £1 and it’s still in good shape. More importantly, it wasn’t spiral bound.

Anyway, onto why it’s important. From a student’s perspective, it’s really useful to have so I can scribble down homework, test dates and assignment due dates. When the teacher is reeling off all these dates, it’s helpful to have one place to put them all instead of writing it on a random sheet that you conveniently can’t find when you get home.

Aside from how I use it at school, I also use it at home. Mostly at the weekends. Obviously I won’t have homework to write in the weekend section, so I use it to plan out how I’m going to get things done. For example, for Saturday (the day I’m writing this) I’ve planned out when I’m waking up, that I need to work on my assignment, write a blog post, do some homework and write some flashcards. All of this is happening before 5pm, which is when I “clock out” as such.

These leads me on nicely to the second thing that I’ve started doing recently. Which is planning out the times I’ll be doing the things I need to do. If I didn’t I’d spend hours on one activity that I’ve probably lost focus with. So today, I planned that from 9am to 12pm I’d work on my assignment. I also gave myself a 30 minute leeway knowing I’d get distracted, so then at 12:30 I started writing this blog post. I gave myself an hour to do it and I’m currently 25 minutes in.

Once I’ve finished this, I’ve got from 1:35pm to 2pm to do a short piece of homework. Next I had originally planned to do flashcards for an hour but I’ve to cut that to half an hour because I’m going out today which I hadn’t expected. Then beyond that I just want to chill when I get home, if I feel like continuing with the flashcards I will but it’s not compulsory because I’ve scheduled time to do that on Sunday (so today). Doing this helps me to stay on track and actually get everything done without tiring myself out by focusing on one task too long.

The third thing that I do is have a physical paper calendar, I print mine off from this website. Not an ad, just what I’ve been using and loving for a while now. I have my calendar on my wardrobe because it’s easy to get to and I’ll see it everyday. I commonly have the current month up with the next month below it so I can see what’s happening in the near future.

I’ll usually sit down and write everything that I know is going to happen, like birthdays and school holidays, within the first few months of the year. Then I’ll add exam dates and things like that when I find out when they are. I can’t tell you how useful it is to have somewhere to scribble when my driving lesson is, doctor’s appointments or when I have a mini test. And to be able to see it all in one place so I can see how everything works out in relation to everything else. I know everyone is so tech savvy and they love digital calendars but they’ve never really worked for me. I hate getting all the notifications and trying to get it to look how I want it to. Plus I just forget to put things into it, paper calendars just work so nicely for me.

That concludes my post for this week, I hope it has helped some of you out there. Do you use any of these already? Where do you stand on the digital vs paper calendar debate? Let me know!!

Until next time 🙂

(For anyone wondering, I finished this post 10 minutes ahead of schedule)

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