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A little bit about my hair growth

So back in March 2017, I donated quite a large chunk of my hair. I did have a post about it on my old blog but I’ll just insert pictures here as that blog is now private:

Me with my hair facing the camera, my hair is uneven but down to my waist

Quite uneven but so long!

Me now with my hair just past my shoulders, it's actually nice and even now

Looks a lot neater that’s for sure









Then in August I dyed the ends of my hair purple and I was in a seriously weird mood a few days after and cut my hair back to how short it was originally (about 13 inches). Not sure why I did that but oh well, it got rid of the majority of the bleached and dyed parts of my hair.

Then I started missing my long hair, which by the way I hadn’t gotten professionally cut in about 5 years. That’s why it looks so uneven, it was right down to my butt and then I got bored and cut it back up to my waist and still wasn’t satisfied!

Anyhoo, I’ve been measuring my hair every month since November (a whole three months!) to see how it has been progressing  and I’ve been taking active steps to take care of it so it can grow and be as healthy as possible! For those who were wondering, here are the measurements:

  • November: 16 inches
  • December: 17 inches
  • January: 18.5 inches

I may start tweeting out the updated measurements if anyone is curious?

Now I was surprised by the sudden change from 1 inch every month to 1.5 inches this month. So I figured that the most likely reason was that my hair grows naturally at about 1 inch per month and at the beginning of January I started experimenting with putting raw aloe vera gel in my hair. So maybe that was the cause for the extra 0.5 inch? I can’t think of anything else that I did differently, so I’m going to just owe it to that for now.

So I’ve started applying aloe vera gel to my roots and coconut oil to the rest of my hair about half an hour before I wash it. Even if it wasn’t the reason for the boost in hair growth, it’s still really good for my hair so I’m hoping to stick to this! Another tip I would offer is to wash you hair as little as you can manage, I knocked it down from three times a week to twice a week and my hair is benefiting from it!

Until next time 🙂

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