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A Sixth former’s guide to relaxation

I can appreciate that it’s really difficult to set aside some time for yourself, when you have deadlines and work being thrown at you left, right and centre. However, I also know how very important it is to relax and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life. It can be difficult to set aside a whole day so this guide is going to be for an evening, just a few hours of relaxation that you can squeeze in as per your schedule!

And so, I’m writing this post to help some of you busy people out. Very heavily influenced by how I allow myself to relax, naturally. So as it’s currently November, this guide is going to be more so for the colder nights when you just want to be cosy.

First: Get clean

Now the primary role of a bath/shower is of course to make you clean, but if done correctly they can also be very relaxing. I’m sure everyone and their mothers have heard about relaxing baths, bath bombs and how magical Lush is. But, how many have heard of relaxing showers? I mean I’m sure it’s not that rare but baths are usually more commonly associated with relaxation.

Anyway! For me getting clean is the first step, and as we no longer have a bath I kinda have to make do with my shower. Use products that make you feel good and smell really good, anything that makes you happy when you use it. Life is far too short to be using a shampoo you hate the smell of. And take your time, you may have to rush all your steps on any other day because you have all that work piling up, but for this instance just slow yourself down.

Second: Pyjamas  

You know, the spelling of pyjamas always confused me a bit, I’ll stick to calling them pjs.

Now I’m not saying you have to have those picture perfect matching pjs that you see in films, just anything that you can be cosy in. Something oversized is always fun, for example my “pjs” consist of four oversized men’s tshirts from primark that I’ve paired with their own specific set of leggings or loose pj bottoms. (The tshirts are £2-£3 and very very soft! 10/10 would recommend)

Third: Occupy yourself

Or don’t. Up to you!

I can’t just sit and do nothing for ages or I’ll start thinking about all the extra work I could be doing, which isn’t useful when I’m trying to relax. So I’d say do something that you enjoy that you don’t often get to. As I love to read and I don’t really get the chance usually, I will usually sit in bed and read a book. Pretty self-explanatory really! I also don’t get to watch many films, so that’s also something I like to do. Which requires less work than reading so I tend to lean towards watching a film when I’m feeling lazy.

And that’s all there is! My simple guide to allowing yourself to relax, there are only three steps but that’s because I think you’d rather not be having to do a million things when really all you want to do is relax!

Until next time 🙂


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Being selfish in the name of self love

Sometimes, you just need to step back, from the hustle of life and the stresses of other people. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I get asked for advice. Less so now because I literally talk to about five people about things that go deeper than how my weekend was. By choice mind you, I don’t know how I managed it but I’ve shrunken my circle of friends and I’m more than satisfied with it. But before, I’d get questions from people I barely knew, they’d spill their most personal stories to me and ask me what they should do. And I’d try and help but I’m no psychologist, there’s not doctor patient confidentiality here. I felt compelled to help, because “how rude would I be if I didn’t?”

And after a while, it started to wear me down. I didn’t want to talk to certain people because “oh what are they gonna dump on me today?” Our conversations just became about their struggles, sometimes their own faults and they were just making the same mistakes over and over again. I have very little patience as is so imagine having to deal with someone coming back to you with the same issue because they couldn’t be bothered to change their ways. It was exhausting, and I was at a point in my life where I was already barely keeping my head above the water, I can’t hold other people up too! I have a select few people who I would gladly help. No doubt about it. They get me and my limits, I appreciate that.

But it’s not selfish to look after yourself, it has been pushed onto us since we could talk that we must put others before ourselves and we must be ready to help them at any point. But when you think about that, how is that even anywhere near healthy? I mean sure you shouldn’t be self-obsessed, but there’s a huge difference between being self-obsessed and making sure that your basic needs are being met. Both physically and mentally mind you. I’m not saying don’t help people, I’m just telling you to be wary of when it gets too much for you and to be able to take a step back and not feel guilty about it.

Until next time 🙂


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Goals for my new blog

Blog goals 2017

I’ve started a new blog, now what? Now my dear readers, we start planning our goals. Things that will keep me motivated and wanting to keep blogging and pushing myself to do better.

I have finally started self hosting my blog, which has been a goal of mine but also a stepping stone to lead onto some of my other goals. When I first wrote out this post, I hadn’t started self hosting yet! Anyway, I’ve split into short term and long term goals.

Long terms goals:

One major long term goal of mine is to build a solid community of regular readers that I can interact with and that will enjoy my posts.

And of course the second is to be able to earn a decent amount of money from my blog, I don’t think a full time wage kinda thing is a realistic thing to aim for at this stage and at my age, but I’m not going to fully take it off the table. I’m slowly moving away from the idea that I’m blogging as a hobby, I want to make this into something.

Short term:

So, first up, I’d like to reach about 100 views this month, I’m not sure if I’m pushing it a little there seeing as I’ve only just started this blog but hey go big or go home, right?

Make my blog look more aesthetically pleasing (GCSE Product design  terminology whoop whoop!) A major issue with my last blog was that I couldn’t make it look the way I wanted it to and I’m aware that just starting fresh won’t change that, however it seemed like a better idea to start over than to struggle with over a year’s worth of not so great looking posts.

So what am I going to do to reach these goals? Because just stating your goals to the world won’t get you very far, once you’ve established them make sure you’ve planned out ways to help yourself reach those goals. So for me, to reach my short term goal of achieving 100 views, I’m going to try to stick to posting at least twice a week and for those (minimum) two posts to be of good quality. Alongside that, I’m going to try (emphasising, try) and use Pinterest better to bring more traffic to my blog while also using my other social media, of course, like Twitter and Instagram.

And for the better looking blog, I’m trying my best to take my own pictures but I may utilise the free stock photos that are available until I can my hands on a decent camera. My phone camera isn’t quite doing it as you may have noticed in my last post :/

Those are my current goals, I may revisit this later on and see what I have achieved.

Until next time 🙂


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A fresh start

Starting over is sometimes necessary but always scary.

I had another blog that some of you may know about, I’m sure a lot of you came to this blog from that one! So why did I start a new blog? I just wasn’t satisfied with it, I was making all these plans to monetise my blog but I realised that I couldn’t possibly do that when even I didn’t enjoy my own content!

I was stuck in a bit of a cycle of trying to improve my posts but ending up making them worse and then those new ones didn’t fit in with my old ones, it was a bit of a mess really! So I just felt like a fresh start was necessary. Now onto the introductions!

So for those of you who don’t who I am, and have decided to follow this brand new blog  of mine:

My name is Kirithika, I’m 17 and I live in England. And I’m not gonna lie, I do love tea. I want my blog to be a lifestyle blog, but of course that’s fairly vague so I’ll try and break it down a little so you’ll know what to expect from me. Seeing as I’m still in school, some of my posts will have something or other to do with school! I’ve started getting into baking so maybe there’ll be some of that just ~sprinkled~ in from time to time. I’m not super mega into makeup but I do like it so maybe expect some of that? It’ll all be affordable makeup seeing as I’m not about the spending £30 on an eye-shadow palette life, really do not have the funds for that! I also do love books but I don’t really write book reviews so yeah?

And aside from all of that, because really that’s what a lot of teen lifestyle blogs consist of, I’m going to branch out into more ~interesting topics~ such as sexuality, sex, mental health and all that other fun stuff that people will only whisper about. Because I don’t think any of those things should be considered shameful, and so I will talk about them shamelessly.

That’s some of what to expect but I don’t want to plan it all out too excessively because then I won’t really want to go along with it, if you get what I mean. I am currently doing blogtober on my old blog, so I will come back to this blog once I am completely done with that. November onwards! I cannot wait!! 😀

Until next time 🙂

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