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The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton | Book & show review

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A long while back my dad got me a bunch of books from a charity shop, and I was sifting through them, finding some I liked the sound of. I thought the miniaturist sounded cool but a bit creepy so I set it aside for a while, not fully sure if I was gonna read it or not. But then I was watch one of Carrie Hope Fletcher’s videos and she recommended it so I thought I’d give it a go!

Just a forewarning that I’m not very good at book reviews but I did say I’d give it a go!

‘The miniaturist is set in the 17th century and is about a girl called Petronella, Nella for short, from a village who marries a rich merchant in Amsterdam to pay off her family’s debt, after arriving at his house he gives her a miniature version of their house as a wedding gift. So she contacts a miniaturist to make some furniture and such for her new house, but the miniaturist starts sending her disturbingly accurate things that they shouldn’t know about and that Nella didn’t ask for.’

Quite proud of that summary actually!

I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, it took me a while to get into as it’s set in the 17th century so it’s a bit of a jump back! But once I got into it I think I enjoyed it quite a bit, there were things that happened that I thought were thrown in there quite randomly. For example the thing that happened to Marin near the end of the book, if you’ve read the book you’ll know what I’m talking about. It seemed just a tad out of character for her and the other character involved.

I think I’d have to say my favourite character was Nella herself, her character development throughout the book was interesting. She started out as quiet, shy and just wanting to make her husband happy. After a series of quite unfortunate events, I think she handled it as well as a young girl in the 17th century could’ve and really came into the role of being the mistress of the house.

You can get the book here from amazon! >The Miniaturist

I also mentioned in the title that this was a show review too, on boxing day (26th December) episode one was aired and the following day, episode 2. I’m not sure if there’ll be anymore episodes but I have to say I’m very satisfied with the ones that I saw! The two episodes pretty much stuck to the book perfectly, the characters were as I imagined them, except Cornelia but she still fit the character perfectly! The only thing I’d say is that the end of episode veered off the tracks a bit, I can’t say much without spoiling  it but even if it did go off the tracks I did appreciate it as it gave me the answers to some questions I had that the book never quite answered.

How was that for my first proper book review? Keep up with the other books I’ll be reading along with my reading challenge over on goodreads!

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