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My new bunny!

So if any of you follow me on instagram/twitter (which you totally should be, @wolfishdelight on both) you will have seen me telling you about my new rabbit! So naturally I thought I’d write a post about her!

So, I named her Spencer and yes it was after Spencer Hastings from PLL. I get most of my name inspiration from TV show characters. I was gonna call her either Spencer or Rosa, as in Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn nine nine. But Spencer seemed to fit her better because she is quite the smarty pants! Her breed is Dutch and she’s just gone 3 months old. I would insert pictures but I don’t have many good ones yet, keep an eye on my Instagram, I’m sure she’ll appear on there soon!

Update: I got a nice picture of her this morning so here ya go!

Lil Dutch black and white bunny

I’m keeping her in a pet enclosure, the kind that’s made up of metal panels and are hooked together to make a square/hexagon/octagon, you get the idea. I currently have it as a hexagon but I might try to make it bigger, if I can make the space in my room. I read enough about how store bought cages aren’t enough for rabbits and I was not about to keep her outside in a hutch either.

I got her after school on Friday 23rd March, and it only took her a few hours to start to get settled in. She was coming up to the panels of her enclosure and sticking her nose out to smell my hands! Then Saturday morning she woke me up nice and early at 6:30am by running around her enclosure (clearly she has enough room then!) and banging into the panels because she was hungry. I fed her and then I decided to give something new a go. I got a cushion and sat down in-front of the enclosure door and opened it up to see how she’d react.

She certainly wasn’t shy! She jumped right out and has been exploring my room. We’ve gotten some bonding in and she’s been peeing and pooping everywhere but I’m sure we’ll figure out! I’ve even managed to get her to let me stroke her which is pretty great considering I’ve only had her for a few days.

I think that’s mostly all I’ve got on Spencer for now, I’ll definitely be writing more posts about her/rabbit care in the future!

Until next time 🙂