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A Sixth former’s guide to relaxation

I can appreciate that it’s really difficult to set aside some time for yourself, when you have deadlines and work being thrown at you left, right and centre. However, I also know how very important it is to relax and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life. It can be difficult to set aside a whole day so this guide is going to be for an evening, just a few hours of relaxation that you can squeeze in as per your schedule!

And so, I’m writing this post to help some of you busy people out. Very heavily influenced by how I allow myself to relax, naturally. So as it’s currently November, this guide is going to be more so for the colder nights when you just want to be cosy.

First: Get clean

Now the primary role of a bath/shower is of course to make you clean, but if done correctly they can also be very relaxing. I’m sure everyone and their mothers have heard about relaxing baths, bath bombs and how magical Lush is. But, how many have heard of relaxing showers? I mean I’m sure it’s not that rare but baths are usually more commonly associated with relaxation.

Anyway! For me getting clean is the first step, and as we no longer have a bath I kinda have to make do with my shower. Use products that make you feel good and smell really good, anything that makes you happy when you use it. Life is far too short to be using a shampoo you hate the smell of. And take your time, you may have to rush all your steps on any other day because you have all that work piling up, but for this instance just slow yourself down.

Second: Pyjamas  

You know, the spelling of pyjamas always confused me a bit, I’ll stick to calling them pjs.

Now I’m not saying you have to have those picture perfect matching pjs that you see in films, just anything that you can be cosy in. Something oversized is always fun, for example my “pjs” consist of four oversized men’s tshirts from primark that I’ve paired with their own specific set of leggings or loose pj bottoms. (The tshirts are £2-£3 and very very soft! 10/10 would recommend)

Third: Occupy yourself

Or don’t. Up to you!

I can’t just sit and do nothing for ages or I’ll start thinking about all the extra work I could be doing, which isn’t useful when I’m trying to relax. So I’d say do something that you enjoy that you don’t often get to. As I love to read and I don’t really get the chance usually, I will usually sit in bed and read a book. Pretty self-explanatory really! I also don’t get to watch many films, so that’s also something I like to do. Which requires less work than reading so I tend to lean towards watching a film when I’m feeling lazy.

And that’s all there is! My simple guide to allowing yourself to relax, there are only three steps but that’s because I think you’d rather not be having to do a million things when really all you want to do is relax!

Until next time 🙂


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