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Untitled// A catch up chat of sorts

I haven’t decided what I’ll be calling this post yet, only because I have no idea what I’ll be writing! I was watching a YouTube video by the wonderful Carrie Hope Fletcher about how she’s restarting blogging and it made me want to write a blog post too!

Most of my posts have a reason, an idea or opinion that I want to share. Not this one though. Think of this as a diary entry maybe? Just me spilling out my thoughts. I’ve been thinking about my blog lately, how it is now compared to how it was before I restarted it and went self hosted. Then I compared how it is now to how it was when I started it back in November. Things have changed, and I’d say it has been for the better.

Black and white picture of a pot of pencils and a camera on top of a stack of magazines

When I started my old blog, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had a cool blog name and decided to go with it, this was my 8th blog I think? I’ve been blogging since I was 12, only managed to crack it after about 9 tries! Back to my point, when I started that blog I knew what kinds of posts I liked, you know Primark hauls, makeup reviews and all that stuff. So those were the ones I tried to recreate, except I didn’t go shopping very often and it’s rare that I love a makeup product enough to want to write a whole post dedicated to it. I was going through my old blog the other day and I honestly couldn’t even tell you a single post I was truly proud of.

Then with this blog, it started in the same way. I was under pressure because I was now paying to be self hosted and I was desperate for it all to work, so I was writing posts I thought people wanted to see because those types were popular. But, I wasn’t fully enjoying the posts I was writing so it wasn’t doing too great.

My heart wasn’t in it and my posts weren’t flourishing.

So I decided to say fuck it and write the posts I’d enjoy writing. Advice posts, personal posts, sex positive posts, writing about my opinions and letting it turn into a rant posts! And now, rambly this-is-what’s-on-my-mind-posts. I might do these once or twice a month, whenever the mood strikes me! Not as a main Sunday post, just a bonus one. It’s quite satisfying to click publish and for it to be seen straight away instead of scheduling it weeks in advance.

I really cannot think of a name for this post, but when I think of a better one I’ll come back and change it!

Until next time 🙂