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My actual thoughts on Christmas

Now, I don’t hate Christmas by any means, I enjoy the beautiful decor and general atmosphere in the weeks leading up to the big day. But you may have noticed the staggering lack of Christmassy posts from me in the sea of blogmas and just general Christmas content.

Christmas wasn’t really “enforced” growing up, it was always low key and quiet. Done for the sake of my brothers and I. Seeing as I don’t have much family in England, Christmas day wasn’t as extravagant as it was expected to be. After the initial present opening, the rest of the day seemed relatively normal.

While I do enjoy being organised and starting my Christmas shopping before December has even begun, it is a bit bothersome that you see Christmas splashed everywhere that you go from November onwards. Not because it’s too early as such, more that you get tired of it by the time the actual season rolls around.

There’s also the pressure to get presents, naturally. With some people there’s a blurry line whether you should get them something or not, always causes me some level of stress. But aside from that and the financial strain, I love getting presents for people I care about. Especially when you get to see their reaction to it, I think I did good with the presents I’ve gotten people this year even if I do say so myself! Although getting my bank statement for this month wasn’t all that great…

If I were to sort out my thoughts into a sentence it’s that I enjoy the atmosphere and the build up to it, just not that bothered about Christmas day itself.

How do you feel about Christmas?

Until next time 🙂


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A wintery haul

So shocker, I decided to head out to town with my family today as I had a few things I needed to pick up and I didn’t have any other opportunities to go. So I bought more than three things for once seeing as I didn’t have to pay for all of it! There was a low key theme of winter in this haul and I swear it wasn’t intentional!

So first up we have a hot water bottle! It’s smaller than the average one though, why? Because it fits on my stomach better. Why is that necessary? Well my room is fairly warm, however when I get period cramps, a hot water bottle works miracles but the one I have is difficult to carry around and use while I’m trying to get work done. Hence why I have this small one! Pretty long winded explanation for a hot water bottle but there we go! [£2.99]

Something a little less wintery, lip gloss! I was never a fan of lipgloss when I was younger because they were always so… gloopy? But I’ve begun to realise matte lips aren’t my jam and I’ve heard good things about Rimmel’s oh my gloss! so I thought I’d give it a whirl! The shade is Go gloss, or go home. I may write a review on it soon! [£5.48]

Next up we have some teeny tiny baubles; they’d sure fit perfectly with a, say, teeny tiny tree right? If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories you would already know that I recently got bought a little 60cm tree for my room. We only had big baubles for our big tree downstairs so we went to Wilkos and I grabbed these for only £2.50! The real kicker is that they already have the strings tied on so I don’t have to mess about with that.

The next little group of things are all clothes so I’ll just chuck them together! The main reason I went to town was to get some gloves because mine have mysteriously disappeared and after looking for them for weeks and almost freezing my hands off on the way to school, I decided it was probably just time for me to buy some new ones. I managed to get two pairs for a £1 at Primark, they’re both grey though (different shades, of course) obviously because grey is a beautiful colour. (My 8 year old self would be so confused)

I also picked up a large men’s tshirt in a pretty green colour just to wear at home and add to my growing collection of oversized men’s tshirts! (Current tally: 5) Seriously guys, they’re usually only £2 and they’re so comfy and it doesn’t matter how many times they get washed!

The last two things were necessary but not that interesting, I bought myself some new tights because I’m now wearing skirts to school and just whenever I go out and some of my old tights are looking pretty grim. And I also bought myself some more pants because, well, who doesn’t need pants? [Both £3.50 each]

That’s all for now, until next time 🙂

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