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Staying productive during holidays

It feels like it has been a MILLENNIA since I last posted, this new once-a-week schedule needs some serious getting used to!

Anyway, onto today’s post!

My half term started today, which for you non UK folk is just a week off school around half way through term! While a week off was sorely needed because sixth form drains the life out of me and I just day dream about sleeping while my hand cramps from all the hurried note taking, I feel like I also needed this week off to get my productivity back on track!

For all my fellow students out there who want to relax but also not feel like you’re wasting valuable time, here are my three main tips!

To do lists!!

The first thing I do at the beginning of every holiday and weekend, is make a master to do list. I just write down everything I need to get done in that time frame, from here you can pick out a couple of things to work on every day of your holiday and before you know it you’ve done it all! I try to stick to a max of three things everyday so I don’t feel swamped with work to do! Anything more I choose to do is just a bonus!

Examples of things I’ve got on my list:

  • Recap physics
  • Make more psychology flashcards 
  • Work on Diploma assignment
  • Write up more posts to have scheduled (5 more before next holiday)
  • Keep room clean – Vacuuming, change bed sheets etc

Resisting the temptations of a day off

Another tip I’d like to give that might annoy some people, but hey whatever, don’t give yourself a whole day off at the start of the holiday. It’s just gonna turn into “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow” everyday, and  then you’re screwed. I gave myself a partial break on Saturday by rolling out of bed at quarter to 12, then I got on with writing the master list and worked through it. This blog post was one of the things on that list!

Don’t procrastinate

Tip number 3! Try to get stuff done in the mornings/afternoons, essentially get it done asap and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want! You’re more likely to have a bit more energy seeing as you probably woke up later, plus this way it doesn’t matter if you woke up late because you’ll still be getting everything done before you start doing more relaxation stuff.  Instead of binge watching that show on Netflix stressing about that assignment you need to do, just do the assignment and Netflix less stressfully later that evening! You’ll feel way better about yourself this way, and you’ll actually get things done!

So there we have it, the three main tips I follow to keep myself productive but still chilled during holidays! Do you think these tips were helpful? Or do you have some more tips that you think I should’ve added? Let me know!

Until next time 🙂


To do lists & making them useful

So, how to be productive?

I’ll be the first to say that I’m rarely very productive, I get things that need to be done sorted but that’s about it. Every so often I’ll get this burst of inspiration and I’ll get through so much of my to do list and more! Which is amazing! But, it’s not really that useful when you’re only productive once every few days (or weeks :/)

Everyone has that burst of inspiration to do better at the start of the year, whether that be new years day or at the start of a new school year. But very few of us manage to stick to that new feeling for more than a few days.

I try to stay productive by being realistic about my abilities and prioritising. Which sounds so obvious but you’d be surprised how little people apply that to their day to day life.


I thought I’d use my actual to do list from this half term holiday. So this is what my overall list was, for the whole week off:


As you can see, I’ve highlighted the things I’ve done

Now, for those of you wondering I am not doing all three science A levels. (God no) I am actually doing an applied science BTEC which is equivalent to two A levels and then doing my psychology A2 along side that. (I’m staying in sixth form for an extra year, more on that another time) I suspiciously didn’t get any psych homework hmm…

Anyway, so for a long long list like this I’ll decide what needs more time and what needs to be done now. So my assignments I’ve been working on almost everyday because they’re quite big pieces of coursework and I can’t afford to leave them to the last minute. The little sheets, exam qs and graphs that need to be plotted I will do at least one of everyday until I’m done with them, they’re a warm up to working on an assignment for the next few hours. Just so that I can tick something off my list and be inspired, just long enough for me to trick myself into starting the heavy duty stuff.

But more specifically for daily to do lists, I try to write down a maximum of three things that I must get done that day, no excuses. And then below that I’ll write out a few things that I would like to do but there’s no harm in leaving them til tomorrow. This way I’m being realistic and getting things done, and feeling accomplished. Instead of writing a huge to do list everyday and never getting anything done because I’ve put unrealistic expectations on myself.

I hope this has been helpful!

Until next time 🙂


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