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A teeny tiny back to school haul

So I love stationary but I also don’t like having things I don’t use, so I was very selective about what I needed to buy for this year. Bearing mind this is my third year in sixth form (cri) so I’ve already got folders and pens etc etc



It’s sixth form, you need paper. I was only going to buy two refill notebooks as I only have two classes this year so one for each made sense. Just so I wouldn’t have the same issue I had last year where I had loads of papers and not knowing which went where. You might think I could just figure it out but both of my BTEC classes have the same teachers and some of the content overlapped so I was always in danger of being grossly unorganised if I wasn’t careful.

Anyway my point was that I was gonna get 2 but there was an offer on so it was more value for money for me to buy three so now I’ve got a spare for extra paper! (The offer was firstly that they were reduced from £2.49 to £1.99, and then it was 3 for £4.99, from WHSmith)


I don’t usually get notebooks because I use folders but I’m doing a research project in one of my units this year so my teacher told us we needed to buy some to use as lab books, so I did. (A4 £2.75 and A5 £1.75 from Wilkos)

Mechanical pencils

I don’t like how quickly pencils get blunt and sharpening is a hassle so I wanted to get mechanical pencils for this year. Plus everyone seems to have the same type of pencil so people keep stealing mine ¬.¬ (Courtesy of my bf, but £1 from Wilkos)


Ah of course, my trusty planner! I’m sure I’ve said this before but for the love of god do not get a spiral bound planner. It will end up falling apart by the end of the year and it’ll drive you nuts! Maybe you’re thinking I bought a cheap one and that’s why, oh no I spend £8 on one from WhSmith when I started year 12. £8! Just for a year of misery because it kept getting caught on things in my bag and unravelling.

I spent £1 on a case bound planner from poundland for year 13 and it was still perfectly in tact at the end of the year and well into the summer holidays before I threw it away a few weeks ago.

So this year’s one is from The Works, case bound and beautiful. If anyone was wondering I usually get a day per page set up, in sixth form there’s usually a lot of details to write down about assignments and work so you’ll need the space. I’d recommend the works, especially for planners they’ve got a bunch of nice designs this year! (£2 or £3 from The Works)

That’s all folks! I did say it was very small!