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Things I want do Spring/Summer 2018

With the weather starting to get better and better, I’ve been itching to change things up a bit! Spring is officially here, I’ve gone out in just a light jacket instead of a coat and not frozen to death so we’re good!!

After watching some of Kalyn Nicholson’s recent videos and reading her blog posts, I wanted to create my own little bucket list for these coming warmer months. You guys know how much I love my lists!

So here it is, straight outta my journal:

  • Ride my bike that’s been hiding in my garage for god knows how long
  • Do yoga more, without the pressure of having to do it all perfectly
  • Get my nose pierced
  • Get my second ear piercings (Possibly a third on one ear!)
  • Really go through and clear out things I don’t actually need
  • Take way more pictures with my camera
  • Read new books instead of rereading
  • Be more creative with my food
    • What I mean by this is to put more effort into my lunches instead of taking some crisps and a chocolate bar to school because it’s easier

Until next time!


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